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Learn songs and practice exercises on your harmonica in the most efficient way, both for diatonic and chromatic harmonica. In our app you can find plenty of free harmonica songs, tabs and exercises for all levels. New harmonica features soon!

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Looking for easy songs to play on harmonica? This is the right place! If you want know how to learn the harmonica, and practicing exercises this is best website you can find around!

We have created a list of free harmonica tabs, songs and several exercises to improve your technique. Everything you need is a harmonica in c and the desire to learn. On iplaytheharmonica.com you can find diatonic and chromatic harmonica exercises, harmonica tabs, easy blues harmonica tabs, easy harmonica songs and more advanced ones, a jazz course and much more!

With our virtual harmonica we have created an easy way to learn harmonica. You can discover what a chromatic and diatonic harmonica look like and sound like. You can visualise exactly the holes that you need to play either if you have to draw, blow, bend or push the slide if your are playing the chromatic harmonica. We are constantly uploading new material every week for for all levels!

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Free Harmonica Songs and Tabs

You can either use the harmonica roll or read from the sheet music and tablature. You can adjust the speed, you can use the metronome or the piano, and you can even turn down the volume of the harmonica leaving the piano as a baking track!

Everything you need to play the harmonica in one place! The Best App To Learn The Harmonica

Welcome to our free harmonica tabs app, where you can find a treasure trove of harmonica tablature for all your favorite songs. We offer a vast collection of free harmonica tabs, allowing you to easily learn and play popular tunes on your harmonica. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our website has harmonica tabs for everyone. From classic blues and rock songs to country, jazz, and folk tunes, we’ve got you covered. Explore our extensive library and start playing your favorite songs right away.

In addition to harmonica tabs, we also provide harmonica sheet music to further enhance your playing. Whether you prefer reading sheet music or following the tabs, we have the resources you need to take your harmonica skills to the next level. Are you just starting out and you need extra help? No problem, you can get some private harmonica lessons from our teacher “Vincenzo Fratelli” at https://onlineharmonicalessons.com/ . He will help you learn the basics and build a solid foundation. Start with simple melodies and gradually progress to more challenging songs as you gain confidence and skill.

Our harmonica tabs are meticulously transcribed to ensure accuracy and ease of use. With clear notation and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be playing your favorite songs on the harmonica in no time. Whether you’re looking for a specific song, seeking inspiration, or simply want to expand your harmonica repertoire, our harmonica tabs website is the place to be. Explore, play, and discover the joy of harmonica music with our extensive collection of tabs, sheet music, and chords.

Video and Sheet Music

Aural and visual learning, perfectly combined to learn the harmonica.

Video and Sheet Music

Aural and visual learning, perfectly combined to learn the harmonica.

Video and Sheet Music

Aural and visual learning, perfectly combined to learn the harmonica.

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